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Trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for somebody whose style seems a little off-the-wall? Well, don’t! Because this is the perfect time of year to remind the world how important mothers really are, and how we can all support them by giving her gifts!

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by honoring the many women who need support every single day of the year? To save you from wandering through dark circles, attempting to decipher what constitutes a health-fulfillment, well…. wellness-y gift basket just round up the 19 top choices here. Whether your holiday gift registry includes yogi-friendly items such as yoga kits and books, or if you’re looking for more general self-care gifts such as an aromatherapy gift basket or healthy food gift baskets, shop gifts for anybody who would need a bit of self-care here. You can also choose from a variety of wellness-themed gift baskets to celebrate all things wellness this holiday season, including chocolate gifts filled with gourmet chocolates, muffins, tea, fruit, and even a beautiful bath set complete with plush organic cotton robes.

If you’re looking for something a bit more specific, try a self-care gift card filled with items such as lavender soap, toner, loofah, body scrub, pumice stone, manicure, and pedicure essentials, a travel makeup kit, a sun-screen emulsion, and even a matching massage kit, manicure sets, and spas. And to give a little extra pampering consider a spa gift card that features a host of relaxing options, including sauna, steam shower, and hot tub accessorize. And if the idea of a wellness gift basket leaves you craving a sweet treat, then there are plenty of decadent choices including chocolates, sugar cookie, cupcakes, cookies, jams, honey, and more. Whatever your pleasure taste, you are sure to find the perfect gift! Shop gifts for the holidays online to get the most quality selections, including the best gifts for yourself and everyone you know this holiday season!